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04-07-2012, 06:46 AM
I'm partial to the MVAE. I've used both and I tend to find the Tactical Escort to be lacking. The cloak is nice in some situations, but more often than not it's utterly useless because it can't be used in red alert, leaving you to usually wait until you're either dead or well out of combat to use again. As a result the Damage buff doesn't really account for much.

The only situation in which the MVAM can't, or rather shouldn't, be used is when attacking objectives such as in Kitomer Accord Space or Infected Space because the pets do not respond to the gateways as actual threats. The cooldown is a bit on the long side, but I find it far more valuable than the Cloak, and the variety of different modes allows you to benefit in several ways rather nicely.

The AE and the MVAE also have a nice range of BOff slots that I prefer to that of the Tactical. The ability to Gravity well with the MVAE is an absolute wonder against larger groups of enemies, and the extra science officer slot with the AE tends to come in handy more than the extra tactical officer slot you get with the Tactical Escort.

I find the choice between the two ships an incredible boon as well, unlike the cloak on the tactical which is reserved to only one VA/RA level escort.

That all being said, the Tactical Escort is a wonder when I'm running through Ker'rat, and the quicker turn radius is nice, but I'm still really partial to the MVAE/AE with Module.