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04-07-2012, 07:39 AM
Originally Posted by Gregg247 View Post
I hate asking this, but the C-Store doesn't specifically mention it:

I want to buy the TOS Bundle. It says to log on to the character I've selected on the c-store site in order to claim it. Does that mean the bundle is character-specific, and not account-specific? I wanted to use the TOS bridge for most of my alts.

Thanks for your help in advance. Many c-store points hang in the balance!
If you click on the bundle on the website C-store, it says on the purchasing screen that it will be unlocked for all Federation characters on that account, no worries (I'm also after the TOS pack, that is one purty shuttle right there )

It's weird that it'll mention the account-wide status on the website store, but not the in-game store.