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04-07-2012, 11:25 AM
there are a lot of editors that are so complex that most casual players would not have the first clue how to use them. you said yourself that you have spent years doing it on many games. you know what you are doing. most people dont. the foundry is designed for that type of player. its designed so anyone can pick it up and start making missions within a few hours.

there are also some factors they dont want you to play around with too much, as this is all happening on a live server. there are just some things they wont give you access to to make sure you dont start breaking things or exploiting loopholes. mods for offline games can have a little more freedom.

the tools could be easier to use at times and more in depth for those that want it, and there are improvements coming that will radically change the foundry.

but remember this is their first version of this tool. the foundry was not built for this game. it is being built for neverwinter. this was implemented as a test to iron out the problems for neverwinter, which they will then import back into sto at a later date. the current builds on nw will outstrip this version as they have learned what works and what does not.