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04-07-2012, 12:09 PM
Anyone from Enterprise, but not counting them:

1. Neelix- Look everyone Jar-Jar learned to cook!
2. Wesley- Shutup Wesley!
3. Chakotay- My native american sense are tingling! It's sad that he had no real character beyond that.
4. Kes- Voyager got better by a lot without her.
5. The Bio-Neural Gelpack- It pretty much was a character in season 1
6. Deanna Troi- I still burst out in laughter when I see her flying in the green cloud thing
7. Kira Nerys- she got better in the last season, but other than that I couldn't really stand her
8. Ezri Dax- No really, you replaced Jadzia with a twelve year old?
9. Guinan- Whoopi Goldberg is overrated
10. Any character on any Trek in the first season- No Star Trek series had a good first season in my opinion. They all got better by differing degrees after that.