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04-07-2012, 12:19 PM
The tools are very intuitive. However, keep in mind that they were designed with regular Cryptic missions in mind. Like:

Kill 0/5ships
Beam down
Interact 0/5 things
Kill 0/5 mobs
Beam up
Kill 0/5ships
"Congrats you saved the galaxy"

With the foundry, you can do a mission like this in less than 20 mins.
You can even shake up this mission design like this:

Kill 0/10 ships (Epic)
Beam down
Interact 0/25 things (So you feel important)
Kill 0/15 mobs (incl. 10 captain mobs for challenge)
Beam up
Kill 0/25ships (OH THE EPICNESS)
"Congrats you single handedly saved the galaxy from the Romulan-Klingon-Borg-Undine-Terran-Replicator-Q-Godlike hybrid creatures infused with Omega particle-Dark Matter-Higgs Boson-Midichlorian-Spinach that were out to conquer the Federation, kick your dog, eat all tribbles, reinstate the 5th dinasty and ask a ransom of ONE MILLION DOLLARS!"

And even that mission would take just 35 mins to make.