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04-07-2012, 12:32 PM
I was under the impression that it was intentionally hobbled for reasons unknown. I find it difficult to believe that Cryptic would have eliminated certain things, such as floors and cielings, if they were trying to make it easy to use. I am under the impression that they have purposely created a tool that is as difficult to use as possible. Maps provided are not clean, they contain crates and other objuects which must be hidden to make the maps usable, you cannot rotate on the Y-axis, you cannot even do a group copy and paste...

These things are NOT "features", these things are not "extras", they are necessities to all but the most creative and improvisional. If they were trying to make a tool that was easy to use, it would have a group copy/paste feature, or 3-D rotation which can be found in-game, or working with prims (Just as three of about 100 possible examples)

No, I cannot believe that they attempted to make the foundry "easy to use", I believe quite the opposite, and the evidence supports me, the Foundry is intentionally difficult to use.