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04-07-2012, 06:15 PM
Nothing changes with rank. The ships get leveled up but they stay the same type.

As far as number of players, no one has this information. It's not even clear if the class of the NPCs changes as more people are added (ie with one player the first enemy is a frigate, with 5 players it's a dreadnought).

The only one that it really matters for single player is with the Fighter/Frigate group, the one that spawns as a Frigate is about the 5th or 6th from the bottom of the list. This bizarre fact might imply that the type of vessel does not change (it's skipping a lot of fighters in the list to include the one frigate that spawns with a single player).

Since this seems to keep coming up and I agree it's important information, I'll see if I can test it. But I can only do up to 3 players (my account, plus friends I know) easily. If one or two other people want to volunteer to help, then we can arrange a time to do 4 and 5 players (either post here or send me an in-game mail).

It would be nice if a dev would give us this info, but reality is we're pretty much left to our own devices with the Foundry.