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04-07-2012, 11:54 PM
While I'm not opposed to this idea, you can sort of control what bridge officer's appear, if you take note of the bridge you're currently using.

Each bridge appears to support a set number of bridge officers, with a space reserved for each profession. That is, there will be X spots reserved for Tactical, Engineering and Science officers. Additionally, those BOFF's you've assigned to specific stations on your ship appear to take priority over those that are not.

If you only have, say, 8 bridge officers, and use a larger bridge like the Diplomat (which supports 12 officers), you'll note that if you beam in, all your current bridge officer's will typically be there, as well as some random ones thrown in. Take note of the color of their uniforms. That indicates what spots are left "open" on that bridge.

So if you have 8 BOFF's, the Diplomat bridge (as an example), and see there's still a tactical, 2 engineering and one Science "placeholder" bridge officer, if you were to round out your BOFF's with those professions, they would assume those positions on that bridge.

That said, I still support more control over placement, since this all falls apart when using a bridge that supports fewer officers than your current roster, or your roster doesn't mesh with officer "layout". Also, it appears that, for now at least, the Photonic Officer is bugged and doesn't appear at all. That may be true with more of the "special" officers, but I don't know, since I don't have many of them (Breen/Android/etc.)

See here for number of BOFF slots on various Federation Bridges.