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Hey everybody,

Just started playing STO again after about 3-4 months off. I'm in the process of tweaking my Eng/Sovvy tank build. One of the things i like to do with my Sovvy of course is tank and self heal. I've done ok in STF normals so far, guessing that tanking isnt viable in elites (havent done any yet). Thats ok though cause my Eng/Sovvy toon is just an alt.

Now my question is about the extra defense you get when you are moving. On my Sovvy my defense % maxes out at 68.8 - 70%, defense when stationary is 10%. Does that extra 60% of defense make that much of a difference? and if tanking is viable in elite STF's (assuming a non-pug group), does it make a difference there too?

Right now i'm able to keep myself up pretty easy in normals just using hull/shield heals. I'm able to hold threat pretty well, unless players are the same tier gear as me and skilled). I'm gonna be tweaking my BoFF damage % reduction abilities.

But yah TLDR, does the extra defense you get when moving help or not?