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04-08-2012, 07:52 AM
Originally Posted by discovery7810
I'm planning to use the dreadnought as my VA ship for my tactical and engineer toon.

Or would the heavy cruiser retrofit c store ship at 1600 cpoint before sale be a better choice. The cpoints is from having farmed dilithium but i still want to make it worthwhile of course.
The problem with the Gal-X is if you are not a Tac captain the Phaser Lance is basically worthless, (50,000x2 vs 15,000x2 (Tac vs Eng).

The Excel is a MUCH better DPS ship for an Engineer though, and still does well for a Tac, (tho a Tac will get more DPS from the Gal-X .....just ).

If running the Excel as a Tac you do run into some survivabilitiy issues as you cant run 2xEPtS3, though you can run 2xEPtS2 + RSP2 and you are still quite tanky with good turn rate.

The Excel would be my choice in your situation. I myself have the Gal-X but i am a Tac Captain so for me it made much more sense.