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04-08-2012, 07:48 AM
These are some interesting comments, but I don't see any statistics or specific CombatLog entries to support some of the claims made here.

If you have a comment about class balance or game mechanics, I recomnend starting a new thread with some stats or CombatLog files to help the DEVs investigate the problem you are perceiving. Also be sure to use the Customer Support tools to log whatever you think might be a bug or 'hack', which also captures metrics (including timestamps) to help the DEVs trace what you are reporting.

Specific to this thread, I would ask everyone to please respect forum etiquette / rules and stay on-topic. I welcome constructive criticism of this space PvP guide, but please be as specific as possible -- and preferably quote specific passages in the guide that you feel should be modified -- in order to help me keep it as relevant (and ideally 'timeless') as possible for you and the STO community.

My goal is to help you, so please help me help you.

Thanks for your consideration