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04-08-2012, 10:16 AM
in my opinion the skilltree is the weekspot in this whole agenda. It makes no sense to pump skillpoints into science abilities if the dmg output is mostly depending on the auxpowerlvl.

every captain will skill energy weapon dmg, because it is the primary source of dmg for every ship, but for escorts its one of the 2 only sources.
Seems to me cryptic has a way of changing things that don't need change (lootboxes), but not touching stuff that is just unbareable. In my opinion the current skilltree is as flawed as the crafting system, and i hope we'll see a revamp of both in the near future. But it would surprice me if the new crafting would be any good.
At this point they should just copy the crafting and skiltreesystem from another game and be done with it. Better well stolen than made horrible by oneself.

they could have sticked with the old skilltree and just let player gather skillpoints until all skills were maxed out. Wouldn't have become a gameplay issue, because you are already restrickted by the BOFF's you use on a ship. Also the ground/space skilltree problem would be solved like that.
Vindictus uses such a skilltree for example.