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04-08-2012, 10:12 AM
Originally Posted by mister_dee
Well, one of the reasons for that is that appearently ships "grow" with each tier (for the most part) and as a result high-level escorts/raptors/BoPs dwarf lower-level cruisers.

So at least keeping that in mind it does make sense that the Advanced Escort as a rather "large" vessel compared to the lower-level cruisers is not actually a cruiser but an escort.

What I find odd is that the old Excelsior outperforms the much newer Cheyenne and her "cousins" in nearly every way.
The Advanced Escort is not "larger" than the Stargazer or other T3 Heavy Cruisers. It's only slightly larger than the Defiant (probably closer to an Intrepid, but not larger than even an Intrepid). The T3 Heavy Cruisers are all about Nebula-sized. The Prometheus is, however, designed more for head-on combat, (impulse) speed and maneuverability, where as the Stargazer is not.

Also, number of nacelles has no bearing on whether a ship is classified as a cruiser/escort/science ship, especially when the size of the nacelles themselves vary.

Also, the double-boussard nacelles are the primary reason I love the Stargazer parts. Looks like a Classic Corvette.