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04-08-2012, 11:06 AM
Originally Posted by melden
Hello all i started playing sto after a break and if i'm honest i didn't quite understand it before but i'm really confused at the mo

i was hopeing someone could help me with gear and a build

i fly a D'kyr as a joined trill engineer with

Hyper Metabolism
Joined Symbiote
Warp Theorist

all mark xi

[Aegis Graviton Deflector Array]
[Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines]
[Assimilated Regenerative Shield Array]
[Console - Universal - Assimilated Module]

eng consols

2x EPS Flow Regulator
RCS Accelerator

science consols

Assimilated Module
Enhanced Plasma Manifold
Emitter Array
Field Generator

tac consols

Prefire Chamber
Directed Energy Distribution Manifold

weapons front

2x Tetryon beam array accx2 dmg
Quantum Torpedo Launcher

weapons back

2x Tetryon beam array accx2 dmg
Hargh'peng Torpedo Launcher

on the ground i use Fabrication Specialist

in space i usally use Gravity Well, Tyken's Rift, Aceton Beam

thanks for any help
With no disrespect, that's allot of help you need.

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