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04-08-2012, 05:25 PM
Originally Posted by Cygone View Post
The problem with the Gal-X is if you are not a Tac captain the Phaser Lance is basically worthless, (50,000x2 vs 15,000x2 (Tac vs Eng).

The Excel is a MUCH better DPS ship for an Engineer though, and still does well for a Tac, (tho a Tac will get more DPS from the Gal-X .....just ).

If running the Excel as a Tac you do run into some survivabilitiy issues as you cant run 2xEPtS3, though you can run 2xEPtS2 + RSP2 and you are still quite tanky with good turn rate.

The Excel would be my choice in your situation. I myself have the Gal-X but i am a Tac Captain so for me it made much more sense.
Oh really what made the difference for the spinal lance damage?
Which ability made it different between eng and tac captain?

The thing with excelsior is it looks so old compared to Galaxy dreadnought.
I have seen quite a few dreadnought tanking it out like a monster champ.