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04-08-2012, 07:14 PM
Originally Posted by DrPhil321 View Post
After seeing the magnificent work done on the DS9 Bundle Pack, I have to ask, will we see a Voyager Bundle Pack?

It would be nice to have the proper
Science Lab
Sick Bay
Transporter Room
Mess Hall
Ready Room
Conference Room
Captain's Quarters
It would also be nice for the whole crew to wear VOY uniforms.

The bundle could come with the Admiral Janeway's Shuttle (Interior)

As well as the Admirals Variant and Dress Uniforms from that time.

And perhaps a Very Rare Talaxian Chef duty officer and a Very Rare Ocampan Nurse.
Actually, I'd include the Delta Flyer, and Provisional Officer Rank insignias once they are available, in the pack.