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04-09-2012, 04:13 AM
Originally Posted by capt_rac
Oh please ,what they mean by flagship cruiser's is the stripped down version or bare-bones ship where you have furnish your own kick butt weapons.. And will we carry dignitaries to function's and or provide assistance to other ship's with the new ship's. Kinda sound's that we're buying car with very little or with a large option package on them.
Nice fun thought.

Every time I get a new ship it's like getting a car in Need for Speed.

The first thing I do is turbocharge the damn thing

But for the love of all things holy I can't seem to justify paying $25 for a ... big cruiser.

I bought myself a old beater of a Crown Vic interceptor (ahem, assault cruiser) for about 200cp worth of dilithium (already had 60k dil, just sold some C for the rest) and am most happy with the extra ensign tactical.

Why the happiness with outdated ships? Because paying $25 to feel "meh" is not fun. Knowing what you need (cruiser with extra ensign tac) and getting it with spare change is