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04-09-2012, 05:48 AM
I just wanted to post this as an answer the "did you participate" discussion.

We don't need complex math for this. A relatively simple "activity monitor" would do the trick. Think of it like an accolade system that resets at the end of each STF run.

Points would be awarded to track certain player actions (note, values are simply for example) :

Caused 10,000 Hull Damage-----------------------------------1 Point
Caused 10,000 Shield Damage--------------------------------1 Point
Healed 10,000 Hull Points (to ally)-----------------------------1 Point
Healed 2,000 Shield Points (to ally)---------------------------1 Point
Received 10,000 Hull Damage---------------------------------1 Point
Received 10,000 Shield Damage -----------------------------1 Point
Tractored an enemy----------------------------------------------1 Point
Received a Plasma Fire-----------------------------------------1 Point
Received a Borg Shield Drain Debuff-------------------------1 Point
Debuffed enemy ship with <insert skill name>--------------1 Point
Buffed allied ship with <insert skill name>--------------------1 Point
Destroyed by Borg ship-------------------------------------------1 Point
Single-handedly destroyed Borg ship or object--------------2 Points

and for ground:

Resurrected a player ---------------------------------------------2 Points
Interacted with an object or switch-----------------------------1 Point
Caused 2000 Health Damage-----------------------------------1 Point
Caused 2000 Shield Damage-----------------------------------1 Point
Healed 1000 Health Damage (to ally)--------------------------1 Point
Healed 1000 Shield Damage (to ally)--------------------------1 Point
Received 500 Health Damage----------------------------------1 Point
Received 500 Shield Damage----------------------------------1 Point
Rooted an enemy--------------------------------------------------1 Point
Received a debuff-------------------------------------------------1 Point
Debuffed an enemy with <insert skill name>----------------1 Point
Buffed an ally with <insert skill name>------------------------1 Point
Fell in combat-------------------------------------------------------1 Point
Single-handedly killed/destroyed an enemy------------------1 Point

The key to this system would be to keep the values, points, and participation thresholds a secret -- so it would be harder for leechers to game the system.

For example, the target to indicate you "participated" could be different for different types of ships. There could be other hidden mechanics such as if you have a certain key skill like Torpedo Spread or Heavy Graviton Beam equipped but never use it you receive negative points. There could also be negative points for extended time out of combat relative to the rest of the team (as in, you only get penalized if you are out of combat while anyone else is).

Other conditionals could include player rank, STFs run, and values of STF-related Accolades. Whether these would increase or decrease the participation success threshold would be up to Cryptic and dependent on testing.

A system like this could all but eliminate leeching.