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04-09-2012, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by realuniqueone
I agree, i'm not a fan of mindless dialogs at all - not really a fan of static content either for that matter. I often find with most of the static content in the game you spend much more time watching cutscenes or in dialogs then you do actually doing something...

... so why not take this issue a step further???

This thread:
IDEA: The future of STO - True endless, dynamic, efficient PvE and PvE content.

Static content should be done by players, not devs (foundry). Devs should be focusing on improving the game as a whole.

My thread is meant to be ideas for mixing and interconnecting the PvE and PvP environments, while adding true exploration and infinite future possibility while at the same time making it easier to add the new features with each addition to the game.

Read it and post your ideas there.
Players doing statitc content? That means they would be able to write the sto storyline (which will lead to contradictions). That is what u mean with static content right? This "static content" is an integral part of any role playing game (small and large scale). You find real dynamic content in bf3 (even with unlocks). Something you could do is to let the players create the mission contents and then let developers choose which missions become part of the official story line, but letting the players decide all by themselves is not going to work!

I would be the last one to object to improvements to PvE and PvP. But not at the expense of "static content". And without enough voice overs there is little motivation in reading the text and then it's basically kill ships-->beam to ground-->kill guys--> click on console A-->beam back to ship-->kill enemy ships-->done.