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Originally Posted by KnightTemplar_99 View Post
Colonial was actually the first one I got to T4 and Recruitment was my 4th to T4 (Engineering and Diplomacy were 2 and 3 respectively). Colonial was also my first to Max with Recruitment being the 3rd to Max (Engineering being 2nd). Slowest for me now are Diplomacy (not seeing a lot of those and most of the ones I do see are lo CXP givers), and Espionage. Exploration was my last to hit T4 and my lowest in terms of CXP, but it was also the last one I focused on because, while there are plenty of missions, they are mainly low CXP
Originally Posted by Squirrelloid View Post
Development is actually my slow one. If you don't Tour the Galaxy regularly, Exploration is slow.

Recruitment is not that slow. Every asylum, support, officer exchange, and BOff mission gives recruit cxp, and *you should be doing all of those as often as you can*.

Colonial is really fast. Do all the chains, then hit Additional Military Base and Listening Post for sweet Colonial cxp payouts. Was my 2nd T4 after Engineering, and i've got 4 now. (The best Colonial cxp assignments are not incoincidentally also great sources of Eng cxp.)

Listening Post and Additional Mil Base not only have great cxp rewards, they have basically no fail chance and can easily crank 25% or higher crit chance for even sweeter payouts.
The chains haven't been out that long, and the colonial ones require travel to various places in order to complete them. I tend to just stay put in orbit of ESD or DS9 and switch between zones to max out my DOFF missions daily.

As for recruitment, my DOFF's are fairly organized with the required amounts of specific types in order to complete various missions that require 4-5 duty officers and give high CXP rewards. I don't have room for extra DOFF's, so doing the recruitment missions or asylum missions (excluding the Cadre pack mission, I have ALWAYS done those) I don't have the luxury of completing those missions.

It would be really nice if there was some sort of way to claim the mission but not keep the duty officers from those recruitment missions...