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04-09-2012, 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by .dlp.Mercenary View Post
Welp I hit level cap for a a Mercenary Bounty Hunter.
You hit Lv50 in a week? I guess you have loads of expendable time and an ouchie spacebar-finger.

Originally Posted by .dlp.Mercenary View Post
And I do want to play more. So I went to Swtor and looked to see if I can sub. Well guess not because I have to pay 60 bucks for 30 days which haha NO.

I dont want to play that badly...

I mean I already have the freaking game on my computer. It wants me to pay? for something thats already there? what? Why cant I just subscribe and get that rolling?
Oh, so you're telling me if you had a business that made a product and you'd run a promotion for said product by letting people try it, you'd let everyone who tried it simply shrug off the price of admission (buying the box) and just pay for the service? What kind of message do you think that'd send your customers who did buy the box?

Originally Posted by tosmonkey View Post
Personally I gotta agree with .dlp.mercenary. I mean no disrespect to SWTOR. I'm sure it's a great game. I just don't think any game is worth $180 a year.
dlp. isn't complaining about the subscription fee ($15 per month), he's complaining that now that he's tried SWTOR he can't simply subscribe to it without buying the BOX itself or buying to digital edition download of it.

To be honest, in my opinion, companies who actually would agree to sell their product like that, (i.e. invite you for a week-trial and then allow you to simply subscribe while other customers were required to buy the game first) probably have a low opinion of their product, not to mention their clients.