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04-09-2012, 01:39 PM
Originally Posted by KnightTemplar_99 View Post
Then, in reply to your first quoted comment, NO, it doesn't need to be addressed, since you just don't want to do the missions that give you those Commendation Tiers. That would be like me not wanting to leave ESD and complaining I wasn't getting any of the New Commodities like Jevonite or Tulaberries and saying that needed to be addressed.

As for the Chains not being out long, they have been out since the beginning of the DOFF system (The Colony ones at least).

The point behind the DOFF system, as stated by Heretic, is to get out there and explore. If you aren't going but 2 places you aren't using the DOFF system how it is supposed to be used, and thus your results will be very skewed.
I figure I'll go hunting for these other missions after I finish up the few classes I have about ready to hit rank 4.

But with the changes to the game making everything end-game Que'd, and making Transwarp so accessible, flying around the galaxy going through loading screen after endless loading screens hasn't been necessary. Especially when early on, and even now with the changes to the system, a lot of the GOOD worth while missions are located in either ESD area zones (Academy for recruitment and development, ESD for turn in contraband) or in DS9 area zones (haggling for jevonite/etc.), leaving these zones isn't worth spending the hours it takes to fly around every day and find the other Duty Officer missions.

And the problem is compounded if you are trying to do this with multiple characters, or trying to do shorter-duration DOFF missions (which I don't, I aim for the longer term high-CXP missions). I spent a couple weeks focusing on DS9 space harvesting the rare commodities, and now I'm focusing on Dilithium missions and Contraband in the ESD area. But if it requires flying around to complete Colonial quicker, I'll obviously have to do so, its the only one I'm currently having issues with finding good missions for.