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Originally Posted by Miriel_Shadowblood View Post
Hey all,

Let me preface this by saying I am a fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars.
This weekend, I had the oppurtunity to play SW:TOR for the free weekend.
I went in a complete NOOB, with a systemm under the minimum specs (and really worked my graphics card).

That will really mess with the game for you

For all the hype that SW:TOR was to be the next big blockbuster, comparing it to STO, I applaud Cryptic and enjoy STO more than I did SW:TOR. 25 gigs for SW:TOR and 11 gigs for ST:O.
TOR has a crapload of more development, that's why

Character Creation in SW:TOR was lacking. There is more customizaion options available in ST:O for avatars than in SW:TOR. I created a Jedi Knight.
The appearance tab is coming soon for TOR

The Prologe (SW:TOR to Tutoiral (STO).
Entry into the games jumps you right into the storyline, with only instructions to move using WASD. No intial quest to get started and explain what to do. STO engages you right from the start, explaining what to do and how to do it.
Called EXPLORING. TOR makes you want to search for hidden datacrons and discovering all parts of the map rewards you....STO feeds you in a baby chair

Leveling in SW:TOR was just a grind fest. I became bored soo many times, by getting quest from point A, running to point C, kill mobs. Return to Point A, to be redirected to Point B. STO engaged me with different aspects of the game right from the start. Each mission / quest in ST:O engages right from the start and can finish in an hour. In SW: TOR it took me an hour just to run across the lands to start the mission location, than kill 40 mobs, complete the quest and run back to turn it in.
So you're just lazy...? And know.....quests are faster after you finish the starter worlds....

Quest Givers / Missions:
Ok, I know my system could not run this. So part of the issues is on myside, I understand this. With this said, I hated the cutscenes to get to the quest dialog. It would take almost 5 minutes for the mission giver to load the movie so I could get the quest. Repeat this 40 times, and I wasted hours just to get the quests.
God forbid some story with your MMO. You can skip over the cutscenes too so....yeah have fun not doing the entire point of TOR - STORY

I have to give a win to ST:O for giving us a companion right at the start and explaing how to work with Bridge Officers. When I got my droid (and later on for training) I was at a loss. How can I upgrade his gear, where can I get gear, how do I train skills. I learned the answer to this later (which was even more confusing with the crafting skill system).
Yeah like the amazing story with my bridge officers that are tied into mine...hey wait a minute...that's not STO...oh that's right it's TOR

SW:TOR is a really GREAT Looking game. Everything is stunning, in the details when exploring the worlds and shuttle transfer stations. My system strained. So... I think they spent more time making the game look good, instead of content. You even said you were under the minimal...and didn't bother noticed that TOR, unlike STO has a ton of teams working on different aspects of the game....

To make up for the content they make you run far far away, and have mobs spawn and respawn. I see this as a problem if I was to get to higher levels as you are fighting others for the same mobs. ST:O gives us many private instances and replays. Then we have the foundry, so... I have to say, ST:O has so much more content.TOR so far has more story and content in a couple months than STO has ever had in over 2 yeah TOR contect sux yup

I admit, I like crafting. I also like the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule. When I could finally get to crafting in SW:TOR I looked at it as another grind fest. You can just do easy as hell companion missons that reuire no effort....and you must be lucky to not have played SWG, you would have no chance in crafting ot save your life.

My thoughts are ST:O is the more interesting and engaging game.
I have 4 toons now maxxed as a casual gamer after 2 years.
I only got as far as level 12 (Jedi Sentinel) after 2 days in SW:TOR.

2 days in really gave it a chance and spent the time to learn more about it I can soooo tell. Yup..

STO in 2 years = most boring thing I've ever experienced
Few months on TOR = best thing to hit the MMO world in a loooooong time.

Just some thoughts.