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04-09-2012, 02:37 PM
Originally Posted by Shaddam
all F2P mmos are F2P for a reason just like this one
your point? or more accurately why are you telling me that?

I merely pointed out a supposed numerical inaccuracy. I did not join any side as to whE?ether it was **** or not.

also slight correction gw2 is b2p not f2p.

Buut since It seems like I was dragged into this I shall say.

Tor= meh. Im not much of a story person. I also dont particularly like static combat.

I also dont really like watching the ui more than the game. and as much as people tell me different, when I watch a video of wow gameplay and a video of tor gameplay.... very very similar more skills than digits on your hands and feet.

in the end just not a game for me. perhaps its the best thing for sliced bread for others, cool. Just not for me.