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04-09-2012, 02:42 PM
-Bug fixes across the board.
-NPCs on the bridge should have customizable outfit.
-Rooms and bridges are often too huge.
-All new episodes should have a thorough voice over, otherwise it is hard to take the story seriously. The fanbase would be more than willing to help here, I guess (unless there is some kind of union that takes the fun out).
- Maybe it's because I'm a noob. But I am having a hard time finding players to join up teams for the special forces missions. Some automation is needed here. When I finally get into the mission with 5 players, we end up in different instances!!
- More responses from the Cryptic community managers in this forum .

-Remaster all existing episodes with thorough voice overs.
-Episodes should be cooperative, e.g. 2 players.
-More equipment slots on persons and ships. Currently there are only five personal gadget slots for the character. Apart from weapon and shields, we should also have tricorders, pads, etc.
-The crafting system fits nicely into the whole genre. But the items produced should be much much much more legendary. The current outcome is too ordinary apart from the Aegis set. It is not really worth the trouble. You should work for your dream collection and the reward should more awesome!
- New skills and maybe higher level cap.

- Include the bridge into the gameplay (at least the episodes). Many players have suggested that the space episode part should feel more like "Bridge Commander". We hardly ever see the bridge because it's basically irrelevant for gameplay. But the bridge is essential for true Star Trek feeling. Actually the other important rooms like engine room and sickbay should also be included in the episodes.
- The different races should have a much higher impact on skills and gameplay. Currently there is too little difference.
- Fluid world transition. I hate seeing a random load screen all the time. WoW does a much better job here. There should at least be some kind of transition when I beam out or when I take the turbo-lift. The beam out sequence when I leave the bridge is just ridiculous!! Space sector transition load screens also destroy the admosphere.
- Gamma and Delta Quadrant.
- Stronger changes on the world map. E.g. Federation losing ground on the Klingons.
- More interesting science dailys.