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04-09-2012, 03:50 PM
sounds like we will be seeing RSP durations akin to the bad old days, at least the cooldown is still long. and who doesn't spec 9 into shield systems skills?

the sorting out of those energy draining powers is a GREAT, hope the energy siphon drones get effected by this. 5-15 of them hitting you with 5-15 siphons =permanent shutdown till death. there needs to be a cap on how low they can drain you, like 25 to all systems. shutdowns that last longer then a few seconds are BAD, and incredibly overpowered, and infuriating. at least it sounds like HE will give you several seconds of invincibility from it, ST 5 seconds too.

before gliders is further nerfed, fix insulators. or just temporally nerf it till then, as if everyone had 3 speced into it. out of all the skill and ability problems, glider not being slowed down by insulators is the BIGGEST problem right now by far. it did work for a couple of days, it really needed to be fixed again with this patch. now we have to wait another week.