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04-09-2012, 03:09 PM
Just read through the written Q&A.
Gates: Will we see the stories that represent the species that make up the KDF faction, such as the Orions, Gorn, and especially the Leatheans?

Dan: Possibly, but no more so than you’d see us write specific content about Vulcans or Andorians or Tellarites on the Fed side.
This is disappointing to me, as I believe there is a TON of potential stuff to be had in species specific stories in the KDF. As it is right now, everyone talks about honor, and treats players as if they were a full Klingon warrior. There should at the very least be different dialogs for species ("you are a Klingon, honor & victory!" vs. "hey you Nausicaan, go be a mercenary somewhere else" or something like that) not to mention the fact that there would surely be at least a few Gorn / Nausicaan / whoever separatists. Exploring their stories would certainly be cool - and even cooler if players were able to actually make choices about how they fit into the KDF. Heck, some might even decide to go FED - there's plenty of KDF species on Fed ships these days...