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# 16 What in the name of?
04-09-2012, 03:53 PM
Really you two complaining about the RSP still having a long cool down bet you don't even use it and its awful that so many things have such stupidly long cool down times like the photonic fleet really 4mins???? what was the thinking behind that 1min tops not 4 and this is across the board RSP particularly is used when you maybe in big trouble so that update is not needed rather it needs be improved don't listen to these Lifers am sick and tired of these people always saying that long cool down times etc are some how a good thing its not!!!!.

Sure you don't want to make it too easy but anyone with brains trains skills for boffs that are USEFUL not counter productive. If you don't like the RSP as it was being USEFUL for healing kenetic damage then don't use it and shut up I have no time for you people and another thing stop having ago at the F2P you lifers stop picking on them its a disgrace and those of you who do it should be banned for life for picking on these people they are the ones that now increase the population but I guess some you LIFERS are too bone headed to see that well thats too bad for your on opinion on them does not count so get over it am a paying member and two of the members in my fleet are F2P and therefore we are not elitest and I don't care about that what matters is the fact I enjoy playing on there with them and chatting Cryptic you need to do something its

unacceptable that some Lifers get away with picking on those who cannot afford to be members or Lifers!!!! for they have better things to spend their money on like food and bills and maybe taking care of a family so in conclusion if you don't like F2P people then leave them alone because trust me they hate you too because your elitest.

The only reason am saying this is because some of the Lifers!!! are still complaining about it are you five years old get over it if were not for F2P then this game would have died a very unremarkable death and would have been forgotten forever.