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04-09-2012, 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by dribyelruh View Post
RSP changes don't make sense. Why buff the regen on ranks 2 and 3 when even rank 1 will fully heal shields in a fraction of a second of focus fire? The only way to differentiate based on regen rate is to have the current rate as the base for RSP 3, and lowering the rate on 1 and 2.

RSP also didn't need such a giant duration buff. Tying it to a skill that 99% of the player-base has 9 points into is nonsensical, and the kind of duration you can get from loading up a ship with field emitters (and if you don't have a science ship, this is the only console that makes sense to slot) is beyond ridiculous.

Really, really, poorly thought out, Cryptic.
I dont understand why this duration buff was needed at all. Increasing RSP1 duration is ridiculous. Having nothing(besides SNB... IF youre science) to cleanse this invincibility buff is even more outrageous. Cmon guys, invincibility is obviously already a strong buff, why increase this?

Well, it really doesnt matter what feedback is given, it looks like Cryptic has made up its mind, so thats that.