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Originally Posted by ekental View Post
two side notes:
1)Assuming a sufficiently long fight. Cannons are superior to beams because:
a) Cannon abilities are far superior, as they affect all cannons/turrets on your ship for 10 seconds while beams only affect 1 beam for 1 attack (Overload) or all beams for 1 volley (Fire at Will). Additionally beams do not have an AoE that's useable as AoE DPS.

b) Base Beam dps only wins out against cannons till ~5KM, at which point Cannons (Dual) start to pull ahead.

2) I would never build any DPS build for single target. The only STF where killing the boss in record time matters is ISE, and that STF is considered to be the easiest to obtain the optional. As such speccing to have the highest time remaining on the optional is just an excercise in theory and your e-peen.

For all other STFs, by the time you get to the boss, you're done with the optional, so DPS builds should be more geared toward the utility of AoE to increase the efficiency of obtaining the optional.
Gah! Your well-reasoned arguments are giving me cold feet! (I was planning on trying out a beam escort build for one of my alts since I already have five running the standard 3DHC-1Torp build.)