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Originally Posted by DKnight1000
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You can safely park ~9 km from the gates, though. The gate's weapon ranges seem to be measured from the top bar, but its hit ranges are measured across the entire thing, so there are areas where you can fire at the gate and it can't fire at you.

It's also large enough that there's angles where you can fire both aft beams and fore torpedoes, making bombardment a rather attractive option.
There is one thing, one thing in the game you can park and shoot for. It does not make it an award winning strategy.

Heck there is a spot 2.25 to 1.75k under the gate where you can get it in all firing arc, I sure wouldn't recommend that as a great way to tank a cube.
Two things. You can park outside of the "nasty" arcs of Cubes too.

Donata's ESTF Scatter-Death-Beam, Cubes and Gates are about the only things that make you try a bit harder than normal to survive in PVE at endgame. Of those three, only Donata is better tanked by a maneuverable ship, as she can move and turn a lot more quickly than a cube.

In theory Cruisers would be able to take advantage of "defence tanking" quite well, since they tend to build for Broadsides (which means they could keep a steady stream of sustained DPS on the thing they're tanking whilst orbiting around it at a distance at high speed, unlike ships built with a narrower firing arc) but unfortunately that has a negative impact on tanking as well... whilst an enemy tanked from a longer distance away would be hitting you for less damage due to energy weapon damage dropoff over range, you'd also inflict less damage on that enemy. Certainly you'd do less damage than than someone else who'd just parked next to an enemy and stayed out of their heavy weapon arcs... and since the person doing the most damage tends to get the hate, trying to "tank" in that situation would be futile.

Cruisers really need better means to keep hate... perhaps the damage resistance engineering armor consoles could be tweaked to grant a buff to "Starship Threat Control"? (a skill which, in my opinion, could do with both a slight buff and another look over - if it reduced hate when you're flying an escort and increased it when you're flying a cruiser it''d be FAR more useful than it is currently...)

I suppose I can dream...


On "Tanking":

After a lot of testing I've found I can reliably "tank" (as-in "keep hate and survive") an elite STF Cube equally well on my Odyssey and my Fleet Escort (it's trickier to survive with the Escort but easier to keep hate), and I can certainly survive Donata more easily using the Escort. Gates don't matter as they never hit you if you position yourself right. The only time, in fact, that I've found my Odyssey to be "better" than my Escort at current PVE endgame is when I'm defending the Kang... and that's less to do with me actually tanking and more to do with me being able to spam higher level heals on the Kang and use [Gravity Well + Tractor Beam Repulsors] on incoming ships if the situation calls for it.

I can keep *other* ships alive a lot better with my Cruiser though. Two Cruisers that can use their heals on each other properly are VERY tough - but sadly theres nothing in the game that currently needs that level of tankability. Plus such a setup would find it hard to kill something in a reasonably short time. And probably still find it difficult to keep hate...