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04-09-2012, 06:39 PM
Assuming you're Federation (else I'd question why you'd be buying Federation doffs), you can go to Starfleet Academy and talk to the Personnel Officer in the Duty Officer building (she's directly behind Lt. Fierra[is that how it's spelled? I never really look, to be honest]) to get the 'general' Duty Officer Recruitment missions (General Recruitment, <branch> Recruitment, and Civil Corps. Recruitment). There are also other NPCs scattered around the Academy that have an icon similar to the Lt. and the Personnel Officer on the map/minimap that have other, specific species recruitment missions (Andorian, Vulcan, Human, Tellarite, iirc).

I think most other missions are 'rare' in either the Current Sector or the Personal tab while in Sector space for an appropriate sector.

Hope that helped (for the KDF side, it's pretty much the exact same thing, except the Personnel Officer there is next to a Gorn lieutenant in the main building who's name also escapes me - I'm terrible with names).