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Captain's Log, USS Gotham, Lost Fleet of the Valkyrie. Captain Hexadecimal recording.

Supplemental entry.

Our search for the renegade Romulan Admiral Futara was interrupted by a most irregular occurrence. Our search of the Theta Epsilon had progressed for three weeks with no sign of the Admiral or her ship. On the beginning of our fourth week in the sector we detected a warp signature coming from the Signis system 42 light years away. As we approached the system it became apparent that the warp signature was not Romulan, in fact there was no match at all in the Starfleet database.

We arrived in the Signis system quickly. We followed the warp signature to its source and found it originating from an small unidentified one man craft. Initial scans found no matches to its configuration. As our scans progressed it quickly became clear that the ship was in fact a testbed, a prototype for a warp speed craft. Per procedures we sought its planet of origin and began cultural research to prepare for First Contact. What we found surprised us. The people of Signis were in fact a diverse group of well known species from across the galaxy. Human, Klingon, Romulan, Kazon, Hirogen just to name a few. Further investigation found that all were heavily modified by cybernetics.

We were further surprised when it was we who were contacted first. The hail came from the planet's central nexus, their governing body. The message was brief. "Welcome Starfleet Vessel," followed by a set of coordinates.

We were hesitant at first. Confusion delayed our response. My first officer, LtCdr Hesmond, was suspicious. "Captain, too much about this seems too convenient. We arrive just in time to witness a 'first' warp flight only to find a welcome mat rolled out for us like they expected us. My gut is screaming trap." Her considerations were logical if emotionally reinforced. After further deliberation and some heated debate and shouting from one of my junior officers a decision was made. We would accept the invitation.

The transport coordinates placed us just outside the central nexus, a large structure of various geometric shapes arrayed in a surprisingly stylized manner, dominated with a massive pyramid. Much of the area's architecture was constructed in simple geometric shapes. Squares, cubes, isosceles and right triangles, octagons, and rectangles. I was surprised to see how often the golden ratio was apparent in their architecture.

We were greeted by a large party comprised of the representative members of the Nexus. Their leader, the Hegemon, was first to speak. "Greetings and welcome to Alpha. I am Dionmera, Hegemon of the Nexus. You have questions no doubt." We certainly did. Many questions were asked as we were given a tour of the Nexus. Chief among them about their people's origin.

The Hegemon was very cooperative, he and the people of Alpha had once been a part of the Borg Collective. Their ship was disabled in an EM storm and crash landed into the planet over a century ago. The surviving drones, separated from the Collevtice, were divided into two camps. One containing those who regained their individuality and one who wished to maintain the hive mind. They fought for a time, nearly destroying each other. In the end they exhausted the resources salvaged from the wreck of the cube. Realizing this the two sides came together and compromized. Once the two factions were reconciled they began working together and Alpha was founded.

Though much of the original Borg technology was lost in what they call the war of reconciliation, they retained the collected knowledge the Borg. They knew that once their first warp flight was made contact would swiftly follow.

It is my opinion that the people of Alpha be considered for immediate Federation membership. The collected knowledge and resourcefulness of this colony of liberated Borg would be an invaluable resource.

We completed our encounter with the people of Alpha and left in high spirits. Our search for Futara will now continue.

End recording.