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04-09-2012, 08:03 PM
Originally Posted by Latinumbar
Work around*:

Have a friend act as intermediary, best done on said friend's bridge.
1) Trade bo to friend.
2) Log out, and log back in as your engineer.
3) Friend trades BO to you.
4) You train BO.
5) Trade BO back to friend.
6) Log out and log back in as your original character.
7) Friend trades BO back to you.

*Note: this work around requires a friend (or someone you trust).
Yes, which is still a pain. The whole way training is done needs to be reworked. It's so.. annoying*.. currently.

Just having to trade is aggravating enough with having to completely strip all equipment. But then, if the person isn't high enough level for the BOFF, no trade... or if they don't have all the uniform options you do, they come back some weird uniform... etc..

*used in place of adjectives I'd *much* rather use - feel free to insert your own favorite negative adjective.