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04-09-2012, 09:10 PM
Well said ekental, I got a kick out of a guy in an STF bragging about his DPS vs a tac cube after i put APB3, sensor scan, and dropped its shields. But I digress. It is also difficult to measure AoE dps accurately as you will often be dealing damage to targets that will be instantly healed.

Although single target damage is important in STFs because of the number of high HP stationary targets that do need to be burned down. In a best case scenario you have a few specced for each type (single and AoE).

And lastly there is a single place where you can measure you maximum personal DPS. In KA the transformers have about 500k HP, simply take one down yourself and see how long it takes, then simple division tells you what your max potential DPS is. I say potential because most targets will have annoying things like shields, defense ratings, and resistances.