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04-09-2012, 08:16 PM
Originally Posted by ekental View Post
This may be buried, but there's a few dynamics that everyone has been tossing around already that probably should be codified.
Thank you for that moment of sanity.

Originally Posted by corgatag
Gah! Your well-reasoned arguments are giving me cold feet! (I was planning on trying out a beam escort build for one of my alts since I already have five running the standard 3DHC-1Torp build.)
There's nothing inherently wrong with a beam-scort. No, you will not do the burst damage in STF's that a cannon build will have, BUT if you're toe-to-toe with another escort in PvP, the extra time-on-target that beams will have compared to cannons may make that crucial difference.

Just ask Lady Fek'lhr how effective they can be. I've been popped many times by that vicious lilac-beamed Garumba.