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04-09-2012, 10:17 PM
Yesterday I played 6 Khitomer STF elite (ground and space). Because I wanted getting "Quadra Sigma Superior Service Medal" accolade (Complete Khitomer Accord - Ground or Khitomer Accord - Space 50 times).
All of khitomer I played one or two people left at the final part. 4 Khitomer STF, one poeple left before the middle part and we didn't get the optional. 2 khitomer ground STF we gave up because 2 people left and we were not enough to kill the node. For all of Khitomer STf (space or ground), there was weird people. The first I played. At the final part we were 4 but there was a guy who played without any gear nor kit neither. He just used martial art. It was like we were 3 because he wasn't useful. As you can guess we must give up. In another STF I played. One guy said he will fight the probe. We failed the STF because when we realized he is incompetent, it was too late. Another STF, one guy didn't want follow the team. He made everyone mad and after he left. 1 minute later someone was tired and left. We gave up.
Yesterday was my worst day for STF.