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04-10-2012, 12:03 AM
Originally Posted by RedRicky View Post
There is currently no reason to use Aceton Beam. It's in the running, IMO, for least useful ability.
Agreed. It's sad, really, because I want to like this ability.. It's nice, in theory, but simply not effective enough to justify.

It is only available on ships with lousy turn rates, and has a 90 degree firing arc. The ships you would most likely want to use it on will have the easiest time staying out of your front arc.
The rank 1 version of the power is actually a Lt. Cmdr. power, so there are a couple of Science and Escorts that can use. Of course, in an escort I'd probably much rather use a shield power, or Direct Energy Modulation, or Eject Warp Plasma; and in a Sci I'd probably be better off with (again) a shield power, or Aux2Batt, or Extend Shields, or heck, even maybe Boarding Party....

It shares Boff slots with heals that are more reliable. Aux2Sif and Extend Shields are more dependable for keeping people alive. It might be helpful to drop an enemy's offense by 50%, but if they're not in your front arc it won't happen, while ES will help you out-heal their damage and you get a 360 firing field.

So, defensively Aceton Beam is pretty lacking. Offensively the radiation damage is nothing I've ever noticed.
It's a decent enough power to use against Tac Cubes and other boss-level ships to reduce their damage, but with the limited versatility and huge difference in cooldowns between that and Aux2SIF, as a tank, I'd much rather have my SIF running at full power. I can't really do much with it when I'm trying to stay alive against 6 spheres pounding on my ship, but those other two powers are fantastic for that.

Give us an Aceton Beam Doff.
My guess would be that this could be an alternate version of the Deflector Officer. Heretic has said in a few places that they want to have alternate powers for all the stations (like Conn has now), and this I could see as a very good possibility.

1. Reduce incoming healing by X%. Currently STO is set up so that a large spike of damage is done with somebody attempting to out-heal it. This would be interesting because escorts wouldn't be able to run this ability and would need some teamwork with cruisers to really capitalize on it.
Interesting power. It sounds to me like you're looking at it from a PvP perspective. I'd not really considered it for that, but this would definitely be useful in that scenario. It would probably have to be a small percentage though, just to make sure its not too powerful.

COLOR="Yellow"]2. Aceton Beam, once applied, has X% chance to spread to friendly ships.[/color]

3. Turn rate/movement debuff. Shmeh. I probably still wouldn't take it.
4. Chance to re-apply after cleared. Still shmeh.
5. Increase in radiation damage. Just a lazy buff. Again, probably wouldn't take it.
These are not all terrible ideas. 2 is interesting, but would probably end up with a small range (like 5km), limiting its usefulness. 3, I agree, is nothing worthwhile. For the same reason, does anyone really use the Warp Theorist active power? 4, not bad, assuming the power itself is improved. And 5, well yes, that's lazy.

Here's another idea: What about Aceton Beam adding a damage resistance debuff instead of reducing healing? That would certainly give Escorts more of a reason to look at it, and since Science ships are all about synergizing with the group and screwing with enemy ships, I could see them maybe wanting that as well. This would probably have to be a guaranteed small amount rather than a larger amount on a proc in order to make people really consider using it, but either way could work.