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04-10-2012, 01:55 AM
Originally Posted by Rosicrucian
Well, I just hit level 7, and bought a pack of duty Officers (you don't get your first free Duty Officer(s) until level 11?). I am still trying to grasp the system, and I have a question. If you slot a Duty Officer, can he still be sent out on missions, or can only Duty Officers that are in the pool be sent out?
First, you should get a set of 20 or so duty officers as an assignment when the DOff system becomes available.
Check your available assignments and see if someone wants to talk to you about duty officers. You shouldn't have to buy any duty officer packs unless you want to.

Second, no, Duty Officers assigned to Space or Ground support can't be sent on assignment. They're effectively the guys that keeps the ship running while the other officers are off playing poker, confiscating the crew's medications and escorting 'diplomats' to the local pub. They can be freely swapped out at any time, though, so if you end up needing an Astrometrics Scientist to stare at the stars for an hour to get some Science Commendation Experience, you can just move him to the active roster and suffer the extended Transwarp cooldowns.