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04-10-2012, 04:11 AM
ship tier revamp/reorganization

split ship tier into:

external (skin/apperaince)

intenal (# of weapons, # of consoles, # of BOff slots)

simply have a "sciance skin (external), only "fit" on a Sciance internal, same with eng/tact, or carrier/flightdeck/raptor/raider/so on

note: all curently bought/purchased ships can still be credited, and current ships in store actualy grant the "external" AND the "internal" that is described

2nd note: any "only ship X can use, consoles, are simply only useable with that "external" (the external would be the ship's 3D modle in game, and I do understand that some abilitys like saucer/shevron seperations and multi-vectors would cause problems if equiped with the wrong external

posable solution to 2nd note: remove 3 console slots off all "internals" and add 3 console slots to all "Externals", end result same # of console slots, yet the "only on 1 "external" consoles can be a "can only use "external" slot

continued: and any "only useable on a certian "internal" (ship type IE: escort), would state "only useable in an Escort internal slot"

each "internal" would get 1 new slot, that slot is where you sellect the base "group of skins" you would use (a group in this meening is simply the "groups" already defined as a ship Class, all skins in that one perchase, can be chosen from if edited at a ship... tailor) (only skins you own can be used, , but shouldn't take up inventory space unless for every "ship slot" you had you also got a "ship skin group" slot) (for ease of players that don't care what their skin is vers internal, when a ship is bought and an internal/external credited, then the external would already be "equiped/selected" as defalt on the internal, untill it was changed

generaly only 1 goal, but would take up 3-9 so I'm leaveing it at that

edit for addition of small craft, and a posable issue with 3 slots on exteroir:

for small craft only 1 slot on exterior (engenering) all other slots remain as internal

this is due to onlt 1 console slot that is always on a small craft 1 engenering, there's 1 that only has that 1 slot, and there are small craft that even though they have 3 slots, have 2 of 1 or the other slots, and not 1 of each. (can be used in the future to limit small craft's use of "small craft only" consoles, or to limit how many non-small craft universals can be placed on a small craft, but currently woud have the same effect it always had, just oganized under the new ship tier layout)

*building a system that has the flexability to adgust for adaption, modification, makes any future additions/modifications easyer* the skin would no longer determine the primary stats, allowing the ships to have a tier appropriate for the layer's level "internal" but a "matching group" (sci/eng/tact/raider/raptor/carrier/flight deck) "external" of the player's choice .... *eyeroll* as long as they own both the internal, and the external.


edit to add (seeing as nobody else posted yet)

on Non-combat pets: these are just what everyone wants the ability to pay 240 C-Points for -1 invintory slot. *eyeroll* please, add a "pets" tab right beside "Inventory" and "assets" for every "pet" a player, earns/buys/obtains give it a +1 "inventory slot" in the "pets" tab (might even call it the Kennel tab)

for every 5 or 6 slots a player has in "kennel/pets tab, add 1 "pet only" slot to the char itself, and add a slot to "hanger tab" (also beside pets/invintory/assets) where only space based pets can be in "hanger" tab, but they count as if they was in normal inventory, if in "hanger" tab IE: they can be used will in that tab like normal (but can't be used while in Kennel"