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04-10-2012, 04:17 AM
Originally Posted by stevieboysw View Post
I love this idea and hope Heretic fleshes it out a some point. I didnt know that Purple Doffs couldn't die. I always assumed that every DOFF had a chance to die but a lower chance for purples because they increase success more.
Yeah, a lot of people would get pretty torqued over losing a purple, especially if they'd only just gotten it. It's a lot of work and resources to collect them.

Which is why Cryptic decided that only white DO's die on assignment and the others go to Sickbay.

It's quite enough that they're temporarily lost to Sickbay. All that would be needed is to increase the duration of Sickbay without slotting of a Doctor accordingly. If they're out for a whole week normally, that's plenty of reason to slot Doctors and Nurses in Sickbay (or whatever mechanism makes sense).