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04-10-2012, 05:36 AM
Well my thought behind letting purples die (very very very rarely, and of course with exception of Unique and C-Store Super Rares) is that... the more you play the DOff system the more you will get of those purples.

hunting those Purples is a big part of the fun behind the game,

In a year from now i will be all decked out and then what?
if i have my 400 purples, have all commendation ranks maxed out,
what is there left to do besides auto-fire double-clicking the good dilithium assignments?
hoping that i can waste more c-points on slots some day?

I mean the system just started...
but long term?
it might not be the worst idea for Purples to get out of the System somehow, besides getting BOUND when slotting them in you active space / ground roster.

and hey... no risk, no fun!