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04-10-2012, 09:09 AM
alright here is one marking a vet as a problem. we get into the lobby for CSE. He starts ordering what was going to happen, take out probes, right to left, then cubes left to right and he would sit on the Kang.

Game starts and for some reason the group foes left and starts hitting the probes, he has a **** fit because the group went left and not right. Never did he realize his plan could work either direction. Then he spent the whole time yelling it was taking too long and why were we not going quicker, mind you he never left 1km away from the Kang to maybe help out with knocking down some probes between BOP. Actually I have never seen someone type so much in a STF as he did.

It was won, but no optional because of timer. Course he raged on that. But to be honest I am over worrying about optional, the loot is generally exchange fodder anymore, tech is what I need.