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04-10-2012, 09:18 AM
Honestly though, I think for most authors the tips are just kind of like, a bonus. Tips is really a good word for it, since it's just like a little side thank you rather than the purpose of the work.

I honestly was against an idea like the tip jars way back when people proposed it because I was afraid of monetizing any kind of reward for the authors.

Still, I feel for a lot of authors who have missions that are so far down the list that they miss a lot of plays. There are some real gems in there if you are lucky enough to find them. (Heaven help if you are a middle rated Klingon mission! Talk about backwater.)

Hopefully some of the ideas mentioned in the cryptic conference call about foundry spotlighting are taken to heart and implemented well. It'd be nice to see some unknown authors out there get something far better than tips; more plays.