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04-10-2012, 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by Phoenix_Lord
I realize it may be a bit time consuming but when you hit each "Explore" Cluster do you also pop onto your bridge, go to Engineering and talk with the Operations Officer directly? There is known bug where many of the Department Head DOff missions only appear on your bridge and not from going to the DOff tab - Department Head.

I know this works because I have gotten a few of the last 7/7 I need there even when the DOFFJOBs sheet shows nothing being available in a certain sector. I hope this helps.
So you're telling me that even though people complained (me being one of them) that you had to run to engineering every time you went in to a cluster/expanse/etc. and they put in the department heads to fix this, there is still a bug and therefore the department heads are ultimately useless? Surely this should be made clear somewhere and not be transmitted purely by hear-say, although i appreaciate you bringing this to my attention.

There is absolutely no way I am running around my ship (which is a defiant but when inside feels like a sovereign) to get these missions. It has to be fixed!