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04-10-2012, 08:33 AM
My PvE / STF Galor for Tactical captain:

3x AP Beam Arrays Mk XI [Borg]
1x Quantum Torp Mk XI [Borg]

3x AP Beam Arrays Mk XI [Borg]
1x Quantum Torp Mk XI [Borg]

(tried with 4x Spiral Wave Disruptor + 2x [Borg] Disruptors and full [Borg] Polaron Arrays with Jem'Hadar set too, this AntiProton setup seems to be the best so far)

1x Tac Lt.Cmdr. / Tac Team I + Torp High Yield II + Torp Spread III (I love torps. and these buffs work better for me than beam weapon buffs)
1x Sci Lt. / Hazard Emitters I + Sci Team II (Eng and Sci debuffs, heal)
1x Sci Ens. / Polarize Hull I (against tractor beams)
1x Eng Lt / Emergency to Shields I + Eng Team II
1x Eng Cmdr. / Eng Team I + Reverse Shield Pol II + Aux to Structural II + Aceton Beam II (could use Warp Plasma instead, maybe I'll try it some time).

Eng: Ablative XI, Borg Universal, 2x RCS XI (yay! over 20 turn rate )
Sci: Field Gen XI, Shield Emitter Amplifier XI (+35% shields, +13% regen)
Tac: Quantum XI, 2x AP XI

Hmh, I don't think I ever used a ship device / battery.

Borg Deflector (so I get the Autonomous Regeneration thingy)
MACO Shields XI + MACO Engines XI for Magnetoplasma Relays.

And pretty much that's it. Unless I'm very drunk, I can survive just about anything in Normal STF. "Standard" PvE is a breeze