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04-10-2012, 12:09 PM
Originally Posted by athenaX
here is my Galor set up.

Borg Set with Maco MK XII shields

Fore weapons: 3 Phaser Cannon MK XII acc x3, Quantum Torpedo.
Aft Weapons: 4 Phaser Turret MK XII borg


Engineering: EPS, armor of choice. I am currently slotting for Plasma resist for STFs
Science: +35 to Shield Capacity, Borg
Tacticat: All Phaser Relays mk XI rare

CMDR Engineering: EPtW 1, EPtS 2, DEM 2, Aux to SIF 3
LT Engineering: EPtW 1, EPtS 2
LT Science: Hazard Emmiters 1, TSS 2 (or vice versa)
LTC Tactical: Tactical Team 1, Torp Spread 2, CSV 2
LT Universal (Tac): Tactical Team 1, CRF 1

This set up works very well for me. You do need to get close and stay close to do maximum dps due to the damage loss of cannons when fired at a distance.
This is not your setup, you only have an Ens Sci, not Lt.

And I wouly prolly only take 1 TT and take Conn Officers to reduce its CD, take a 2nd torp skill in its place.

Other than that it is a REALLY nice build