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04-10-2012, 05:59 PM
Originally Posted by Ikrit122 View Post
Oh the irony...

I remember Season 1. Sci ships were very powerful, with SNB and VM completely shutting down any enemy. Sci BoPs were unstoppable (could handle a 1v3 with ease), and Sci ships were very popular (it was nice for me, as I was one of the few Sci/Scis in my fleet). Then, Feedback Pulse was OP. Science ships were also the main healers, like their ground counterparts.

Fast forward 2 years...

Sci ships have been severely weakened. Charged Particle Burst III taking down 800 shields? Seriously??? My Odyssey's MACO Mk XI shields are 10 times stronger, without the relevant skills and consoles. The only decent Commander skill is Photonic Shockwave III, which is actually still rather good. Not to mention that Power Insulators is a Tier 2 Science skill, meaning it costs little to put just 6 points into it.

However, with this patch, Sci captains will be popular for their SNB against RSP.

Speaking of RSP, why did this need to be buffed? In its current state, it does its job. It is supposed to heal shields under focused fire. However, anything more than 10 seconds is just silly
I have read (but as far as I know it is unconfirmed) that SNB is periodically NOT clearing RSP on tribble.