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04-10-2012, 07:42 PM
This is a great thread. I love reading these stories and seeing that we have all had the same experiences. It's good that everyone can look back and laugh, at least for the most part. Players not responding in chat and doing their own thing are terrible, as are the skittle boats, but I think the rage player is the absolute worst. I find it very distasteful when a player uses foul language and blames his whole team for a poor performance, even though sometimes they are correct.

I, like many others here, shied away from the ground STF's. I did around 200 space missions before I even tried ground combat. I read all I could before attempting any ground mission and after I was comfortable with normal I moved on to elite. I saw how much team work was required in ground and was very uneasy about elite. I was surprised that most of the PUG groups I was involved in would regularly get the option and breeze through the missions. Maybe I have been lucky or it is just my imagination, but ground elite STF seems to attract a more polished player.

All of this said I had my worst STF experience on an elite ground mission. I was playing Khitomer Accord ground, which is the easiest ground in my opinion. Everything started out okay, we made our way down the first two levels of caves. It was obvious that the team lacked in firepower and the option would probably not be obtainable, but everything was still going ok. Right off the bat we had a rage player calling everyone noobs, I just ignored him and didn't see any real problems.

At the top of the ramp that leads down to the Borg boss room everything fell apart. We cleared out the entrance and when I finished and looked around only 2 of us were standing there at the top of the ramp. We waited and waited and I even asked where everyone was and got no reply. The rage player was flying off the handle, but I wasn't even sure where he was. I checked the map and saw that 2 players were making their way up the opposite side of the cave levels clearing out all the borg and obviously having a hard go. The player I was waiting with than opened fire at the borg on the ramp. No problem, me and him clear them out. This brought the rage player to a whole new level. He was upset we didn't just jump down and for go fighting them, not a big deal in my eyes, but he was losing it big time.

The name calling continued and was ignored by all. After we cleared out the top of the ramp the player I was with back tracked, presumably to try and retrieve the two lost players. At the bottom of the ramp the rage player was just waiting the whole time. He finally got tired of waiting with me and ran in and started the timer on the nodes. I than followed and we started clearing out the entrance to the node room. After he aggroed all the borg he ran back to the entrance and left me to die and respawn. He than started in on me with the name calling and rage. I finally had enough and me and him had a good back and forth. After a few minutes of pointless name calling I noticed most of the team had quit and was replaced by some unlucky new players. He continued to rage and even the new players that joined ended up quitting. It was pointless and I left as well.

We never even made it into the node room. I was amazed that 2 players, that obviously never played the mission before, would attempt an elite and not even follow the lead of the group, but I was absolutely livid at the behavior of this rage clown. Probably the first time I was really upset playing STO. The only good I took away from it was now whenever I see someone being a loudmouth I can say, "at least they aren't as bad as that guy from Khitomer ground".