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04-10-2012, 07:06 PM
My very best run was finishing Cure in 8min. 45 sec.

I've been looking for that group ever since.

My worst/ Well, there is the time that the group I was with on Cure failed the run in 3 minutes because no one was watching the Kang. They would fly right past it, so I had to constantly break off from any of the Spheres and try to stop all the waves of BoPs. That was so much fun.

Then was KA were that last 4 3 minutes while the two morons in the group decided to constantly fire at the gate. Not once did they realize that NOTHING WAS HAPPENING TO THE DAMN GATE! ten spheres got through in record time, and I stopped playing STFs until recently. That really ticked me off.

So, I am for a fleet dump button, instead of having to eat an hour's worth of time because some clown/s don't know or don't want to learn what to do.